All of these groups/clubs welcome new members!

Book Clubs

If you love to read books and compare notes with friends, we are pleased to announce that Yachtsman’s Point currently has two book clubs that meet monthly. Members take turns selecting a book and hosting the club at their homes with light refreshments. Each book club has approximately 10 – 12 members. If the two existing clubs become full, a third club can be added.
For more information, contact Melanie Suggs.

Golf Group

Whether you are new to golf or a seasoned pro, you’ll enjoy the comradery of the Yachtsman’s Point Golf Group. The groups of four play “best ball” at area golf courses each Thursday, weather permitting followed by lunch at a local eatery. Drop us an email if you want to join us at

Pickleball Group

If you’ve never played pickleball before, don’t let that stop you from meeting at the pickleball courts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday mornings to learn how. The pickleball group is always looking for new players, and members are very willing to teach you the simple techniques.  If you want more information, contact Lenny DeFelice or Jerry Cortese.

Welcome Club

If you would like to make sure that new neighbors in Yachtsman’s Point receive a heartfelt welcome and orientation to the community and surrounding area, consider joining the Yachtsman’s Point Welcome Club. Club members prepare welcome bags and make visits to new residents shortly after they move in. More information about the club can be found on the website under Welcome, New Neighbors.  If you want to join, contact Sally Vasbinder.
Have you started a group or club not listed above?  Please let us know so we can add it!