Our History

A Rich History Rooted in Sailing and Friendships

Sea Scout Ship Davy Jones at the Hagan base in 1939. Today’s pier is in the exact same location as the one in the photo. High Rock dam under construction
Around 1915, the property known today as Yachtsman’s Point was acquired by the Tallahassee Power Company, the land purchasing company of what would become Alcoa. The High Rock Dam was completed in November of 1927, and the lake was first full the following April. The Lake had been designed to be larger, and property including Yachtsman’s Point had been purchased for the larger lake. Alcoa made the decision to sell the unused land, and the Briggs family purchased the land.
First came the Sea Scouts. As soon as High Rock filled, it attracted Sea Scouts. In the 1930s, the Greensboro Council established a Sea Scout base where the current Charles T. Hagan, Jr. Sea Scout Base is located on Scout Road. In the 1940s, the Old Hickory Council established the Raven Point base on the other side of the peninsula on Scout Road. Ever wonder how Scout Road got its name? Now you know!
The scouts became friends and in 1967 joined together to form a sailing club, the High Rock Yacht Club. Initially the Ravens Point property on Scout Road was used for activities but proving too small, the Club made arrangements with Mary Briggs to lease the property that is known today as Skipjack Harbor. The High Rock Yacht Club later disbanded, and the property was sold.
High Rock dam under constructionWhen Waterfront Properties (KEJ Marketing) bought the property from the Briggs, it was the largest undeveloped tract left on the lake other than those owned by Yadkin, Inc. Waterfront Properties soon launched plans to develop it into an exclusive lake neighborhood named Yachtsman’s Point!
In 2002, ownership and management of the assets and common property were transferred from Waterfront Properties to the Yachtsman’s Point Homeowners’ Association.
High Rock dam under construction