The Yachtsman's Point Homeowners Association (YPHOA)was formed in 2002 to:
  • Protect your investment and maintain the natural beauty of the neighborhood;
  • Provide a collective venue to discuss issues, opportunities, and options for ensuring the continued quality of the neighborhood; and
  • Manage and maintain the Association’s common areas and finances.
Board and Committees: The YPHOA has an active five-member board of directors who are elected to represent the property owners in the governance of the community. A variety of committees organize and manage various aspects of life and leisure within the community and report to the board regularly on progress and potential funding needs.
Dues: Property owners pay an $900 annual assessment to assist with the operation of the community’s common areas, amenities, and infrastructure.
Meetings: All Yachtsman’s Point property owners have the opportunity to be as involved as they wish in the running of the community. Membership meetings are held in the spring and fall along with many other gatherings and forums for residents to be involved and have input into the governance and operation of their community.
Governing Documents: The YPHOA have three types of governing documents that are used to direct the actions of the Board and its members.
The documents can also be found in the Governing Documents section of this website. Members are strongly encouraged to review these documents so they are aware of the specifications, rules, and procedures in place at Yachtsman’s Point.