Ten Most Important Things You Need to Know about Building or Buying a Home in Yachtsman's Point

  1. Vibrant, Active Community:  Yachtsman’s Point is a vibrant, active community with friendly neighbors who are eager to help you get acquainted with the neighborhood.  Feel free to reach out to any of us so we can tell you why we love living here!
  2. HOA Community:  Yachtsman’s Point is an HOA community.  Read the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCC&Rs) and the Architectural and General Property Rules very carefully so that you understand our policies and procedures for new construction as well as exterior home improvements.
  3. Plan Accordingly:  If you are building a home, be sure to leave sufficient time upfront for the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) to review and approve your plans.  The ARC review process can take up to 45 days, so plan accordingly.  While complete packages are usually reviewed in less time, missing documentation can prolong the review process.
  4. Tree Management:  Yachtsman’s Point enjoys spectacular natural beauty, and we love our trees.  We have specific rules on tree removal.  Removal of anything larger than 6 inches in diameter requires ARC approval.  Make sure you understand these rules and get approval, if applicable, before you start cutting.
  5. Waterfront Restrictions:  If you are building or buying on a waterfront lot, make sure you read the Cube Hydro’s Shoreline Management Plan.  Cube Hydro has a 100-foot buffer lakeside with specific regulations on tree removal, vegetation, piers, etc.
  6. Private Roads:  The YPHOA owns and maintains approximately 4.5 miles of private roads.  The Board can regulate the use of the private roads within the community.  Davidson County prohibits the use of school buses on private roads.  Hence, lot owners with school age children will need to make their own arrangements for transporting them to a state or county-maintained road/bus stop.  Our speed limit is 25 MPH.  Please make sure that you and your visitors obey the speed limit.
  7. Visit Frequently:  Establish a good working relationship with your builder and visit the site frequently-if possible- to help ensure their compliance with DCC&Rs and Rules. Ultimately, you as the property owner are responsible for any violations caused by the contractor or subs.
  8. Contractors Beware:  Make sure your contractors and subcontractors are aware of Yachtsman’s Point rules and requirements regarding the 25 MPH speed limit; no parking of any vehicles on the 20-foot greenway along the street; allowable work hours (in the Architectural Rules); and noise control (in the Architectural Rules)
  9. Oh Deer:  We love our wildlife at Yachtsman’s Point, but be aware that our deer also love your flowers and trees.  Plant accordingly!
  10. HOA Dues:  As a property owner, you will pay $900/year in HOA dues. Your dues support the maintenance of all of our amenities, common areas, and roads.  As a dues-paying property owner, you have access to all of the neighborhood amenities, whether you have built your house yet or not.